New car rental in Moscow and Moscow region

219971f «Accessible tour» tour operator engaged in the development of inbound and internal tourism in the Russian Federation, which includes social tourism and automobile.
Also, company deal with car rental (carsharing), including for motorists with disabilities.

Our carsharing will include:
• Possibility to rent a car in Moscow and Moscow region for independent travel. Also, your can rent a car in a case of substitution of the car as a result of an accident, mechanical breakdowns or for a short business trip and a weekend trip.
• Сar rental will be located on the principle of “walking distance”, several in each of the districts of the city, by analogy with the service provided in the United States. 0000001
• Car rental offices also will be located near the accumulation of service stations, shopping centers and insurance companies.
• In case of impossibility to find or return a car, we can provide a free “Shuttle Service”.

Our park of cars will include:
• Cars for people with limited mobility;
• Cars with the possibility of transporting a wheelchair user;
• Cars class Mini Van;
• Cars with cargo-passenger body.

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Our new project – Camping

0001 One of the directions of International academy of accessibility and universal design is social tourism’s development in the territory of the Russian Federation which includes also automobile tourism (karavaning). 
Further the academy plans development campings and motels in the territory of the Russian Federation.

• Camping is a place used for overnight stay in an outdoor area, where people can camp overnight using tents, camper vans or caravans.
• Today camping becomes popular among Russian people and foreign citizens who have arrived in Russia or moving transit. 000005
• Also, this type of tourism is the most economic for disabled people and large families. 
• Considering FIFA World Cup which will take place in the Russian Federation this year, campings and motels will promote accommodation of all autotourists who have arrived to the World Cup or traveling around the Russian Federation’s territory by car with available and comfortable conditions.
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