Roundtable – the accessibility of urban and tourist infrastructure

27073323_1606158972800390_4099708604508455104_nJanuary,31 in the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation held a round table on the theme “Public control in the system of measures to increase the accessibility of urban and tourist infrastructure for low-mobility citizens.
Participants discussed the importance of urban and tourist infrastructure for people with disabilities. Accessibility has become the main criterion that needs to be developed in the future! The keynote speaker was Nadezhda Lobanova, Chairperson of the Moscow organization of all-Russian public organization Russian society of disabled people. Alexander Bavelsky also took part in the Roundtable.

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World Economic Forum 2018

04-ff-competitiveness_1526-abFrom January 23 to January 26, 2018 in the Swiss city of Davos will host the World Economic Forum. The Russian delegation will be attended by Alexander Bavelsky and Roman Skoryy. Our group will give a visit to the project “Russian house” at the world economic forum, which will discuss issues such as: new challenges in the socio-economic sphere and the successful practice of overcoming them; bilateral relations Russia-USA; how to realize the opportunities of the world Cup and others.

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