The list of services

1. Disputes involved real-estate issues
2. Construction, housing, family, last will and trust issues, land, disputes debt collection, insurance disputes, contract, analysis and drafting of contracts
3. Business support
4. Bankruptcy matters
5. Real-estate management issues (creation of partnership of owners of housing, set the meetings, etc.)
6. Labor disputes
7. Civil Litigation
8. Collecting damages (accidents, fires, bays, etc.)
9. Deprivation of paternal rights
10. Division of assets
11. Registration support to immovable property
12. Disputes from participating in apartment building’s construction
13. Representation of foreign citizens and legal entities in Russian Federation

Additional information is available upon request.

Separately offers assistance to companies who have issues with a non-return of currency earnings from abroad. Help to avoid over taxation and criminal penalties.

Opening and managing corporations, obtaining Employer Identification Number, in the USA and in the offshore zone
Divorce proceedings outside the Russian Federation
Represent of foreign investors in the Russian Federation
Represent of Russian citizens purchasing property outside the Russian Federation and in particular in the USA